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Questions you may have:

The_Grace_God is a name I got after I started putting grace over everything that I was able to get my hands on (digitally). The problem was that some people didn't like it which is where the tormenting part comes in. I started doing it to only the people that were fine with it but still kind of hated it. I did this stuff to themes, websites, and even android applications. I still do this stuff to this day but not as often but there is a chance something of your will get graced.

AAqua is a person that I originally started the gracing with as I found a file in a skin for USC (Unnamed Sound voltex Clone) called Expiremental Gear and I found a file called grace.png and I started making jokes off of it then said "What if I grace this" and we started working on the theme its know as today as Exceed Grace. This theme isnt activly updated anymore as i have just dont have a way to test it anymore.

Its mainly around summertime as thats when I have the most free time.

I am mostly working on anything rythmn game related as thats what im usally spending my time on rythmn games (Mostly NotITG).