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Star Styled Bunny AKA Blanket/Sami
Guys she needs at least 2 more subs

Hello, I'm Blanket, your local designer idiot of course I have no idea where the designer idiot thing came from I just went with it for some reason- I make a ton of designs, do design trades, and all that random crap! Please pm me if you want to talk over discord n' such.

Toyhouse and Discord are my main two platforms but I'm pretty active on them so I'll most likely respond unless I'm busy, asleep, or just in a mood and I don't want to deal with the internet at the moment. My discord is the same as my username here, but don't expect me to accept requests unless I've talked to you before and possibly have shown interest towards interaction you may friend me. Don't worry I'm not gonna get mad about being bothered for it.

pronouns: she/her